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Jason C. Brand
7 December 1972
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I was born Jason Carl Phillips on Thursday 7 December 1972 at 3:48am in Eureka, CA, USA. My sister Lelia and I were adopted by Al and Nancy Brand when I was 5 and we moved to San Bruno, CA, USA. Much has changed since then... I am now living in Pacifica, CA, USA, and I am between jobs.

First of all, I tend to use hyperlinks alot, so feel free to click on one - there's much more to know about the subjects of my posts! Oh, and by the way, the "music" on my entries does not necessarily reflect what I am listening to, more like how I'm feeling at the time. Also, many entry icons have been changed as I have gotten more, and tend to be a bit OCD about having each icon be appropriate for its entry. Tags have been added recently as well, and more tags are being added as the need arises. In short, this journal is constantly changing (though the entries themselves are kept "as is" once i'm satisfied with them). Thank you for your support.

I am:
"weird al" yankovic, 80's music, adult swim, aeon flux, angel, animation, animatrix, anime, aqua teen hunger force, aybabtu, babylon 5, back to the future, barenaked ladies, batman, battlestar galactica, books, bret easton ellis, bubble tea, buffy the vampire slayer, cake, camping, cartoons, cats, cheese, chocolate, comedy, comic book movies, comic books, comics, computers, cuddling, cunnilingus, daria, dc comics, devo, dexter, dilbert, dork culture, dr. horrible, duckman, dvds, elfquest, eminem, fables, fight club, firefly, gadgets, garlic, geek culture, george carlin, graphic novels, harlan ellison, harry potter, hedwig, hermaphrodites, hot tubs, hugs, humor, hunter s. thompson, imdb, internet, jonathan coulton, joss whedon, karaoke, kevin smith, kissing, lego, les miserables, livejournal, lord of the rings, lost, making love, marvel comics, matchbox twenty, matrix trilogy, mc chris, mc frontalot, monty python, movie news, movie trailers, movies, mp3s, music, nerdcore hip-hop, nightmare before christmas, oingo boingo, oral sex, orgasms, pda, pecan pie, penny arcade, peter gabriel, porn, preacher, ps2, pvp online, quentin tarantino, reading, red dwarf, red meat, ren & stimpy, rent (the movie), robot chicken, rocky horror picture show, samsung epic 4g, sarcasm, schaffer the darklord, sci-fi, science fiction, sealab 2021, sex, sf/fantasy conventions, silicon, sin city, smallville, sony, south park, spawn, spider-man, ssx, star trek, star wars, strangers in paradise, super-heroes, superman, sushi, swimming, the breakfast club, the critic, the matrix, the oblongs, the simpsons, they might be giants, thunderbird theatre, time travel, transformers, transmetropolitan, trex, trogdor, webcomics, wikipedia, women, wonder showzen, x-men, y the last man